GRI Announcement – ASA&ITE Service
Dear ValuedCustomers,
2021 continuestobe a challengingyearduetorisingvesselcharteringrates, bunkerratesandotheroperationalproblems. As a resultof theseissueswearefacinga considerableuprisingin thecost.
Therefore, in ordertocontinueourservicesefficientlyweannouncethat‘’General Rate Increase(GRI)’’ willbe appliedin additiontoourcurrentratesforallexportandimportshipmentsin ASA andITE serviceswhicharedescribedbelow.
GRIamount and starting vessels will be as follows;
ASA Westbound EUR 75 / Container- Antwerp TraderSF2132W
ASA Eastbound EUR 50 / Container- Antwerp TraderSF2132E
ITE Westbound EUR 50 / Container- VentodiSciroccoIT2130W
ITE Eastbound EUR 25 / Container- VentodiSciroccoIT2130E

Please kindly be advised that, 
Best Regards,