Supply Chain Policy

Turkon Holding A.Ş. and its companies (Turkon), aim to ensure that environmental, labour and economic policies are always sustainable by carrying out the business plans developed with all its employees and partners. Turkon will protect and enrich all factors that will contribute to the quality of life of future generations so that tomorrow is better than today.

Turkon Holding A.Ş. and our member companies expect all their suppliers that partake in the provision of service with all of the elements that generate information to adopt this approach.
In accordance with this policy, we expect all organizations that provide services or goods to us, as well as Turkon Holding and its members, to accept the factors required by this policy with their service contents and practices.

1. Legal Application

Compliance with the Law and Regulations
All the employees in Turkon and its member companies work with the legal boundaries. It acts and follows up in accordance with local and international laws.
Competition Law
The supplier must work in full accordance with the fair competition and monopoly law which regulate their area of authority.
Bribe and Corruption
The suppliers are expected to show no tolerance to bribe or corruption under any circumstances and to be sensitive on the matter.

2. Working Conditions

Forced Labour
The suppliers must only employ consenting labour who work with their own free will. It is expected that our suppliers do not force their employees with false claims, threat, force or any other form of pressure and are sensitive on this matter.
Child Labour
The suppliers must not employ workers under the age that was defined by the legal regulations.
Infringement of immunities by physical, sexual, psychological and/or emotional harassment at work or anywhere work-related is against law and ethics code and must not be tolerated in any way.
Compensation and Wages
The wage, overtime and related benefits must be equal to current regulations or more.

Working Hours
Our suppliers must act in accordance with applicable legislation, particularly working hours and overtime.

The suppliers must not discriminate on race, colour, origin, sex, religion, disability on any employment related issues including recruitment, promotion, compensation, benefits, training, mandatory layoff and discharge.
Union and Freedom of Collective Bargaining
Employees of the suppliers are free to join legal organisations on their own will. The suppliers must recognise and collective bargaining rights and respect employees’ legal organisations. Employees must not be threatened against joining these organisations.

3. Ethics Rules
A RedLine which is  an Ethic Comminication Line has been established so that our customers, suppliers, employees and all stakeholders can reach if there is any observations that are considered to be inconsistent with the Turkon Line Ethical Principles.

4. Workplace Health and Safety

As Turkon Live we are committed to;

Create a safe working environment for all our colleagues while producing services, to anticipate all kinds of health and safety risks that may arise due to work, and to present and apply the necessary protection / protection methods,

Organize trainings for all partners and employees to effectively fulfil workplace health and safety practices and to provide the necessary equipment,

Provide continuous improvements, to encourage all value-added owners for the implementation of applications, and to reach targets by setting measurable and auditable targets.

Our expectations from our suppliers for Workplace Health and Safety are;

• To comply with the legal regulations regarding work health and safety,
• To create safe and healthy working environments for their employees, interns and visitors
• To provide all the resources and improvements their employees need.

5. Enviromental Regulations and Protections

As Turkon,
We aim to have a sustainable environment in all of its operational areas,
We act in accordance with its responsibilities for the continuous protection of life, continuity and diversity in the common areas of all environmental elements, from people to land, from seas to animals,

We systematically handle and manage environmental management alongside with all the output from waste management applications, emergency plans and environmental risk assessment.

Within the framework of ISO 14000 standards, Turkon, which pays attention to the effective use of natural resources, will continue to work with all its employees and partners to protect the integrity of the environment and all its resources.

Turkon is aware of its social responsibility to protect the environment, and regularly monitors its suppliers' compliance with environmental legislation (including all laws on air emissions, waste water, toxic substances and hazardous waste disposal) and expects continuous improvement of the environmental management, combat with the challenges rising from the climate changes and to share its commitment.

At the same time, we expect our suppliers to develop and implement policies to protect the sustainability of our resources and combat environmental pollution.

6. Quality

As Turkon, 
We established the ISO 9001 Quality Management System by referencing internationally accepted standards,

In line with the vision of Turkon aiming at innovative and high-quality service, we use modern equipment actively, meet customer expectations, and provide reliable and tailor-made service at every stage.

Based on Total Quality Management, we aim to carry the staff and processes who are open to continuous improvement to the future, and increasing their efficiency and organizational ability constantly, we aim to stay at a level that we can compete at the international area.
With a high determination to help Turkon achieve its goals, a sense of solidarity and competence, and creativity that can also serve the future, 

With the technical and social equipment, and the leading staff in the sector,
We work harder than ever to become an exemplary and leading organization in terms of quality and performance by integrating environmental management, information security, occupational and occupational health management systems.

We expect all of our suppliers to uphold these values of Turkon and act with the approach required by this policy.

7. Information Safety

Within the framework of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, Turkon expects the participation of internal and external partners in ensuring corporate information security. In this process, Turkon expects to its partners and suppliers to protect its information assets and to provide adequate and proportional security controls that give confidence to the relevant parties.

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