Palletwide 40'

Turkon America Container Palletwide  40

Palletwide 40 feet shipping container. Thinner side panels provide wider inside and this equipment is able to cover 2x Europallet in wide.

Note: The specifications which are presented here might vary and information on equipment accepted as correct specifications. It was set to be an example that’s why please contact our customer service to learn any exact values.

GRT 34000 Kg
NRT 29800 Kg
Dara 4200 Kg
Internal Volume 69,8 cbm
Interior Height 2383 mm
Interior Width 2420 mm
Insede Lenght 12095 mm
Door Height 2279 mm
Door Width 2410 mm
Ventilation Value-
Opening Roof Lenght -
Mail Beetween Lenght -
Humidity Control -
Collapsed Height and Frame Folded
1 CM 0,39 IN 0,032 FT
1 KG2,20 LBS
1 CBM (m3) 35,31 CUFT
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