Turkon Line Celebrates 25 TH Anniversary
It has been 25 years since the first journey started in 1997…

Turkon Line was established to transport containers to America which has a very important place in world maritime trade has become the first Turkish company to provide direct service to America by providing the shortest transit time in its industry. In the following years, it continued to grow in the markets it focused on by expanding its service network with country and regional directorates, agency agreements. Today, it has a large organization of 11 Turkon Offices, 19 agencies and 37 agency offices in 23 countries on 4 continents.

Turkon Line is one of the leading brands in the sector, actively providing container transportation services in the American, European, Mediterranean and Black Sea markets. The company, which is among the market leaders especially in the Eastern Mediterranean, the East Coast of America and Turkey, makes a difference in the industry with its customer-oriented approach and "Tailor-Made Solutions" service approach. By prioritizing the needs of its customers, Turkon has designed this service model entirely on their satisfaction and has become a reference point in the industry.

Turkon Line CEO Mr. O. Alkın Kalkavan, in his statement on this occasion for the company’s 25th anniversary, talked about the point the company has reached, its future goals and the renewed Turkon Line logo: “As Turkon Line, we proudly took our place among the most respected companies of the Turkish economy after a quarter century of experience and progress. We are the first container shipping company in the world to use SAP's first industry-specific solution, CSL (Container Shipping Line), with all its modules in our Maritime 4.0 Digital Transformation Project that we have recently focused on. As the first liner to enter the Turquality Brand Program, realizing the investments we planned in the target countries and deepening brand activities are among the subjects we focus on. As Turkon Line, we aim to improve operational perfection, sustainability and customer satisfaction as a result. We believe that those who can make their preparations prospectively, have recruited their talent well, understand the importance of the customer for the institution well and have formed their strategies in this direction can look forward with confidence. We depend on these conditions for the sustainability of our competitive power. Our priority is continuous improvement. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are launching our new logo today as well as our 25th Anniversary logo, designed in textures that will ensure integrity with our new logo. We would like to thank all who has contributed to the emergence of this pride and wish to reach many achievements together.”