Risk Management Policy

Turkon Container Transport and Maritime Inc. Considers one of its primary duties as early detection and effective management of corporate risks that may threaten its mission, vision, principles and strategic goals in order to provide its stakeholders with the highest quality service in line with its tailor - made service model

Corporate Risk Management process is carried out in conformity with corporate goals, policies, corporate culture and strategies, in the head office of Turkon Line and also all its domestic and foreign offices and contracted agencies.

In this context, Turkon Line aims to integrate corporate risk management into all its core business activities and decision-making processes, ensuring that its employees carry out their daily operations with a risk-based thinking and focus on opportunities as well as risks. In addition to these goals, it aims to contribute to sustainable growth by supporting the risk management strategy with trainings, and to show its loyalty and support to all its employees and stakeholders.

Risk Management Performance is periodically measured through the regular reports prepared by the Corporate Risk Management Committee, which was established to consolidate and monitor all risks and opportunities, and to work towards correct, complete and timely decisions regarding these risks.

Turkon Line Top Management is committed to maintaining the necessary resources to assist the obligations and responsibilities involved in managing risk and by adhering to its ethical principles, to encourage review of all relevant risks and opportunities and also to continuously improve and develop based on any change in circumstances or any event.

Within this regard, Turkon Line takes into consideration the best practices at the global level, especially the IS0 31000 Risk Management Standard and the COSO Corporate Risk Management Framework.