Quality Policy

Turkon Container Transportation and Shipping Inc, in the vision of being global power, commits to perform all responsibilities of international rules  and regulations while respecting human and environment in its domestic and international operations

Turkon is conscious of its interactions with stakeholders in all fields and aware of its responsibilities in this regard.With that conscious, it will continue  activities by meeting the demands and expactations of all stakeholders and by improving continiously its processes.

Turkon Container Transportation and Shipping Inc aims to;

  • Understand very well the customer expectations and meet these expectations, compeletely, through tailor made service model
  • Support the economy of the country by elevating business volume.
  • Keep the brand awareness as one of common and prime target for employees .
  • Increase the satisfaction by keeping employees motivated in the scope of the mutual respect, intellection, trust, communication.
  • Level up quality culture and inovation awareness by creating a continious improvement habitat for employees and by securing awareness trainings.
  • Assure sustainable healthy growth by adding value to all our stakeholders
  • Support the required investments with effective resource use
  • Increase productivity and becoming an exemplary  organization by following all updates about industry while preserving competitive advantage

Turkon Container Transportation and Shipping Inc has ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.

Turkon Line Career

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Container Tracking

You can search your cargo by using both bill of lading,booking or container number.

Turkon Line Mobile

Services,agency informations,Container Tracking system and many other features are compatible with Turkon Line web page now. You can access Turkon Line easily with your mobile phone.

Quality and Environment

We know that we can be a part of a big purpose by doing small things. Among the works in Turkon Line’s activity fields, we give a priority to make people conscious with environments, to protect the natural resource and take precaution against pollutions, and to develop in a harmony with nature.

Turkon Line Information Society
Information Society

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