Turkon Line’s Belgium Office Has Began To Provide Services In Its New Location
Turkon Line, operates in  several trades for more than 20 years  performing regular services between Turkey - USA, Turkey - Mediterranean and Northern Europe with its fast and state of the art vessel fleet. Since its incorporation, Turkon Line  has been a pioneer in several trades in Turkish maritime transportation and keeping communicate in line with its boutique service standarts to interact efficiently with customers
The Belgium Office of Turkon Line who continous its presence abroad as well as in Turkey throuh its agencies, has started to provide services  at its new address on 2nd February 2019
Antwerp, the second largest port city in Belgium, where the Belgium Office is located, sits in the middle of the European market, at the focal point of worldwide commercial activities. In this respect, the Belgium Office has been one of the important gates of Turkon Line to Northern Europe. Antwerp, which is a busy port city which still today protects the historical importance from of commerce back 16th and 17th century, is at a crossroads where Turkon Line can reach its customers in Northern Europe. The Turkon Line Belgium Office in addition to the customers in the country also provides services to customers in the Netherlands, Northern France and Germany through Antwerp port.