The environment-sensitive Turkon Line continuous its pioneering role in the Turkish Maritime Transport sector with installing scrubber on its vessels

By the International Maritime Organization (IMO), at the 70th Meeting of the Committee for the Protection of the Marine Environment (MEPC) in London, it was decided to implement the global upper limit of 0.50 m / m% in 2020. The regulation, whose date of application is 1 January 2020, is a turning point for both the environment and human health since it makes a significant reduction in the sulfur content of the fuel used by the vessels.
This shows a significant reduction from the current 3.5% m / m global limit and shows a clear commitment by IMO to ensure that shipping and maritime transport fulfill its environmental responsibilities. All maritime companies will have to make preparations to reduce the sulfur content used in transportation to 0.5% by 1 January 2020.
Turkon Line, which has been operating in the international maritime transport sector for more than 20 years, has concluded its long-standing efforts related to Low Sulfur Application by the agreement with ME Production on May 3th, 2019 in order to fulfill its responsibility to the environment. With this agreement, Turkon Line has made the necessary investments for the installation of Scrubber to the vessels in its fleet which exerts sea water into scrubber and secures exhaust emission cleaning. Installation is planned to be on all Turkon Line vessels by the end of the year.
Turkon Line, the leader and the pioneer of the sector in Turkey has put signature to a novelty. Turkon Line, considering the use of natural resources and prevention of pollution with environmental policies adopted since its establishment, prioritizes sustainable and nature friendly development by creating environmental awareness.
Within the strategy of full conformity to international rules, the vessels of the Turkon Line fleet will continue to provide services in full compliance with the regulation as of 1 January 2020.