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The environment-sensitive Turkon Line continuous its pioneering role in the Turkish Maritime Transport sector with installing scrubber on its vessels

By the International Maritime Organization (IMO), at the 70th Meeting of the Committee for the Protection of the Marine Environment (MEPC) in London, it was decided to implement the global upper limit...
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Container Tracking

You can search your cargo by using both bill of lading,booking or container number.

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Services,agency informations,Container Tracking system and many other features are compatible with Turkon Line web page now. You can access Turkon Line easily with your mobile phone.

Quality and Environment

We know that we can be a part of a big purpose by doing small things. Among the works in Turkon Line’s activity fields, we give a priority to make people conscious with environments, to protect the natural resource and take precaution against pollutions, and to develop in a harmony with nature.

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