Turkon Line Live Support is currently live on the Web Site...
“Turkon Live”is Currently Live, as the Ocean Currents Flow!

With the “Tailor-made Solutions” service model, Turkon Live whose main goal is to provide continuous and problem-free service and ease all the customer procedures has launched the live support application as a pioneer in its industry.

Managing their very dynamic customer management process with the “Tailor-Made Solutions” model, Turkon Line is providing custom-made solutions and handling customer demand with transparency, care and speed. It is with this understanding that Turkon Line is starting the live support application though the web site and bringing this innovation to the industry.

The calls received from the Turkon Live support application will be managed instantaneously by the “Live Support Customer Representatives”. Developing a special working principle in terms of call management, Turkon Line is aiming to bring this platform to life where its customers can receive faster responses.

Making a remark on the subject, Turkon Line CEO O. Alkın KALKAVAN said, “We believe that we will continue to be the preferred brand once more by supporting the much focused human factor and the service quality on the digital platforms. We will be integrating it with the WhatsApp application on the upcoming months as well. Initially starting to provide support only between 09:00-18:00 Turkish local hours, it will be expended in line with the requirements and completed by adding our foreign country head offices to the process.”